Your best defense from preventing a cybersecurity incident is employee security awareness training and simulated phishing attacks.

From mitigating cyberthreats to promoting confidence in your employees, security awareness training and simulated phishing attacks is an invaluable asset to your healthcare organization. If you haven’t already invested in a security training program and simulated phishing attacks, let us convince you.

Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated by the minute, with remote work environments introducing new breeds of cyberattacks. When your employees are the first line of defense, security awareness training and simulated phishing attacks will help them understand the severity of the threats they face.

  • Cybersecurity Ventures expects businesses will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds by 2021.
  • There was a 67% increase in the frequency of business email compromise attacks from 2019 to 2020.
  • 90% of all incidents that end in a data breach start with a phishing email.
  • 80% of all organizations experience at least 1 compromised account threat per month

It’s critical that you install employee confidence!

Employees are human and they’re bound to make mistakes. Human error, weak passwords, improper data storage, sharing devices, falling for phishing emails – the list goes on. Regular security awareness training can provide them the skills they need to make the right decisions.

After your employees have received security awareness training, the level of confidence in them jumps dramatically. A better trained workforce is better educated workforce that creates a better protected organization. Cybersecurity professionals agree that 59% of employees would benefit from security training and/or certification for their jobs.

Why Training Is Essential

A business without a security awareness program is equivalent to a military with no training. When the fate of your business is in the hands of your employees, you should spare no expense. Fortunately, security awareness training provides more than just a bang for your buck and could even promote business growth and a better protected organization.

  • 80% of all organizations experience at least one compromised account threat per month.
  • 67% of data breaches are a result of credential theft, human error or social attack.
  • Phishing attacks have shot up by 67% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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