If You’re Not Worried About HIPAA Compliance & Data Security, You Should Be

Acclamar Healthcare IT offers Managed Compliance Services Program tailored to meet your HIPAA security compliance requirements.

Because your healthcare organizations isn’t static, neither is your cloud or office networks. A new computer, medical device, software, mobile devices, mobile remote user, and files are continually being added or things have changed on the organizations network throughout the year.  And even with a relatively stable IT environment, most healthcare organizations' employees come and go, and changes to a healthcare organization changes at a regular basis and at higher rate than most organizations. A HIPAA assessment performed today has a "shelf-life." How long really depends on several factors, including the type of the business, size of the organization, and speed in which things change within a healthcare organization.

Having a Managed Compliance Program in place to ensure continuous on-going compliance and to have a HIPAA assessment performed on regular intervals (but no less than once a year as required by law) to ensure that the organization is not only compliant at the time of the Risk Analysis, but to always remain compliant.

The key features of Acclamar’s Managed Compliance Services Program are:

  • Security Is Paramount – With HIPAA laws and the threat of data breach, protecting your organization priority # 1. Acclamar’s Realtime Detection, Zero-Trust Protection, 24 x 7 x 365 Security Operations Center doing threat hunting and protection of your network is key to mitigate your healthcare organizations cybersecurity risk.
  • Incredible peace of mind – As a Healthcare Executives, you already have enough to worry about when running a healthcare organization. We’ll make sure your network runs smoothly and by performing preventative maintenance and network monitoring, to detect potential problems early and prevent them from escalating into more expensive repairs and downtime.
  • Weakest link are your employees – Improving security from the inside out by implementing a security awareness training program can greatly decrease the likelihood of a cybersecurity disaster. A better trained workforce is better educated workforce that creates a better protected organization.
  • Compliance Simplified – Acclamar Security & Compliance Management (ASCM) all-in-one simple HIPAA compliance software platform simplifies the process to being compliant. Manage all 5 areas of Security and Privacy Compliance with less hassle. Avoid costly Audits, Breaches and free up valuable resources.

The power of the Managed Compliance Services Program is in Acclamar’ Security & Compliance Management (ASCM) platform. Please watch the ASCM videos below.

The ASCM Is a Complete Suite of HIPAA Compliance Privacy & Security Tool In One Convenient Platform

Includes Policies, Procedures, Forms, HIPAA Training, Assessments, Vendor Management, Audit and Breach Management.

Acclamar Security & Compliance Management (ASCM) platform

The quickest and most simplified compliance system ever created.

100% complete, highly condensed, insanely affordable!

Finally a better, easier way to protect your patients, your personal and healthcare organizations. The most simplified wat to get and maintain compliance affordably with minimal time and resources.

Discover the Most Complete, Condensed and Affordable Compliance System Ever!

The Security & Compliance Management (ASCM) platform is built for any size organization

A complete privacy and security management software that is designed to help any size facility get and maintain compliance quickly and affordably. It’s designed to meet the compliance needs of the smallest covered entity or business associate to the largest Healthcare or Insurance Organization.

For more information about our Managed Compliance Services Program and Security & Compliance Management (ASCM) platform, give us a call at (703) 270-1007 or request a private Demo.

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